Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions („GTC” shall contain the terms and conditions of use for the Szarvas International Jewish Youth Camp (address: 5540 Szarvas, Erzsébetliget 1., „Szarvas International Jewish Youth Camp”), operated by JDC Hungary Foundation („Operator”) and for using the website www.szarvas.camp as well as the rights and liabilities of the parties and additional guests arriving with them (“Parties”).

Detailed practical and security rules for use of The Szarvas International Jewish Youth Camp are set forth in the Rules of the House (“Rules of the House”), the Camp Manual and the parental statements; the provisions related to the management of the personal data of the Parties are set forth in the “Data Management Policy”, which constitute annexes to the GTC (as “Agreement”).

I. Concepts

Operator: JDC Hungary Foundation
Registered seat: 1075 Budapest, Síp utca 12.
Location of the Szarvas International Jewish Youth Camp: 5540 Szarvas, Erzsébetliget 1.
Represented by: Mircea Cernov, director, and Friedman Alexander, member of the board of trustees, jointly
E-mail: info@szarvas.camp

Guest: Any person who actually uses the services of the Szarvas International Jewish Youth Camp; who orders the services of the Szarvas International Jewish Youth Camp under the supervision of legal representative.

Booking / Registration / Application:  Guests may use the services of the Szarvas International Jewish Youth Camp after online registration and payment of the attendance fee.

Service: The Szarvas International Jewish Youth Camp welcomes guests who wish to study in an entertaining way and recreate with 4 (four) consecutive twelve-day shifts.

II. Scope and VALIDITY of the agreement

  1. 1. This Agreement shall be concluded permanently unless otherwise agreed by the Parties.
  2. The venue for fulfilling the Services provided under the present Agreement shall be Hungary, at the Szarvas International Jewish Youth Camp.
  3. The Agreement between the Parties shall be concluded by sending the written confirmation after the Booking has been finalized, and shall last until departure from the Szarvas International Jewish Youth Camp after use of the Service.

III. Registration

  1. The Szarvas International Jewish Youth Camp shall exclusively be used by registered Guests.
  2. Upon registration, the Guest shall provide the mandatory data on the registration sheet. Minors may only register under the supervision of their legal representatives.
  3. Registration shall take place on the website of the Operator at  reg.szarvas.camp 
  4. Upon registration, the Guests shall provide real data and agree that the Operator shall be entitled to check this information upon entry to the  Szarvas International Jewish Youth Camp , and moreover that, in the event that said data or details are not real, acknowledge that entry may be denied. Damages arising from the provision of incorrect or false data shall be borne by the registering Guest. The Operator shall be entitled to refuse defective or faulty Booking or, in case of doubt, to check the validity of the data or details of the registering Guest.
  5. Upon finalizing registration, the Guest shall accept the Data Management Policy and these General Terms and Conditions. The Guest shall also declare that she/he acknowledges and accepts that individual and group photographs and video recordings shall be taken in the Szarvas International Jewish Youth Camp and used by the Operator and she/he also declares acceptance of newsletter.
  6. Having sent the registration, the system shall send a confirmation email to the Guest.

IV. Rules for Booking and Purchasing Tickets

A -  General Rules:

  1. The Szarvas International Jewish Youth Camp may only be entered after confirmed registration, with the parent’s statement filled and signed by the legal representative and a medical certificate.

B -  Booking and ticket purchasing on the website:

  1. Registration on the reg.szarvas.camp website takes place as described on the website.
  2. After registration of a user, the email address shall be confirmed at the link found in the first confirmation email.
  3. Upon registration, the data of participants and the event (shift) shall be chosen and paid for from the shopping cart
  4. Following clicking on the “Finalize order” button, the system will proceed to Borgun  payment page. Payment may be fulfilled with the credit card types indicated on the Borgun website. To pay here, the name indicated on the credit card, the number, date of expiry and the validity code (CVC2 or CVV2) for the card shall be entered. The Guest, after having given their credit card details, clicks on the “Pay” button to start the transaction.
  5. Successful payment is confirmed by Borgun  website via email, but this shall not qualify as confirmation of the booking, for which the Guest shall receive a confirmation email from the Operator.
  6. The Operator shall not be liable for potential errors arising in the course of payment by credit card. Upon payment, the Guest shall be liable for being entitled to use the given payment method and means, and that the details given are real and accurate. Damages arising from the inaccurate or incorrect provision of data shall be borne by the Guest.
  7. After the payment is registered, the system returns to the reg.szarvas.camp website, where the following details of the “purchase” are displayed: Borgun reference number, Order ID and time of booking.
  8. In case of successful booking and purchase, the Operator shall send a confirmation email to the address given during the booking that can be saved or printed. If the Guest does not receive such a confirmation email within 2 (two) hours and it is not to be found in the spam or trash folders, please contact the organizers of the Szarvas Camp (info@szarvas.camp).
  9. The confirmation email shall be qualified as confirmation of the booking, i.e. the commencement of the fulfillment of the Service.
  10. The Guest shall receive an electronic invoice for the purchase in email.

V. Service fee

  1. The services of the Szarvas International Jewish Youth Camp may be used after payment of the attendance fee. Attendance fees are found at the szarvas.camp website as well as the Szarvas International Jewish Youth Camp information leaflet
  2. In case of individual requests, larger groups, company event or a coupon discount the Operator shall be entitled to set different prices or individual prices for the use of the Szarvas International Jewish Youth Camp.
  3. The Service Provider reserves the right to change the prices indicated on its website at all times. Prices indicated are gross prices, including the amount of VAT.

VI. Use of the Szarvas International Jewish Youth Camp

A -  Observing the Rules of the House

  1. When using the Szarvas International Jewish Youth Camp, the Guests shall observe the provisions of the Rules of the House, the guidelines in the Camp Manual and the provisions set forth in the parent’s statement.
  2. In the case of any violation of the Rules of the House, the Operator shall be entitled to exclude the Guest committing the violation from the territory of the Szarvas International Jewish Youth Camp without repayment of fees.

VII. Data Management

  1. The Guest hereby agrees that the Operator shall manage that data concerning the Guest disclosed to or known by the Operator in connection with the Service in accordance with the provisions of the Data Management Policy, and declares that the Operator has the consent of the data subject in terms of the personal data disclosed.
  2. Upon registration and by entering into the Szarvas International Jewish Youth Camp, the Guest accepts (implicitly) that the Operator shall take individual and group photographs and individual and group or pan videos in the territory of the Szarvas International Jewish Youth Camp and that the Operator may use such photographs and videos on its online (website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) interfaces.
  3. The Operator shall send newsletters to the email address of the Guest provided upon registration about its events, sales actions and items of interest.

IX. Modification of Agreement

  1. Considering that the legal relationship entered into by and between the Parties on the basis of the present GTC is created on a given day for a given period of time, the Operator reserves the right to unilaterally modify the provisions set forth in the present Agreement, extending to the use, access and opening hours of the Szarvas International Jewish Youth Camp and any and all applicable conditions and fees for the same in the future. Such modification shall not affect previously paid-for attendance fees and Services.
  2. The Operator shall announce the changes to the GTC, the Service and the price of tickets on its website.

X. Rescission and Termination of Agreement

  1. Under Article 29. Government Decree 45/2014. (II. 26.) on the detailed rules of agreements between consumers and enterprises, the Guest does not have the right of rescission without explanation under Article 20., considering that under section I.), paragraph (1), Article 29. of the aforementioned Government Decree, the present Agreement shall be an agreement related to spare-time activities in the case of which the date of performance (date of shift) was specified in the agreement.

XI. Complaints, Settlement of Disputes, Competence

  1. The Guest may make a verbal complaint, which shall be immediately investigated by the Operator. If the Guest does not agree with the settlement of the complaint or the complaint cannot be investigated immediately, then the Operator shall record the complaint and its viewpoint and shall hand one copy thereof over to the Guest on the site in case of verbal complaint communicated personally, or send it to the Guest, together with the specific response no later than the date set forth in section XI.2. at the latest in the case of verbal complaints communicated on the phone or using other electronic telecommunications services. The Operator and the Guest shall settle their legal disputes primarily out of court via negotiations.
  2. In case of any legal dispute between the Operator and the Guest, complaints may be made to the  info@szarvas.camp email address of the Operator or via mail, which shall be investigated by the Operator, which shall inform the Guest of the result of such investigation within 30 days at the latest via electronic message or mail in writing. The Guest shall be entitled to request consultation with the Operator within 8 days of the receipt of the response in writing if the Guest does not accept the information provided by the Operator. If the consultation does not lead to an agreement within 14 days of the reception of such request of the Guest by the Operator, then the Guest may turn to the court of justice, other authorities or arbitration bodies.
  3. The Code of Conduct on Unfair Commercial Practices against consumers can be found here: Code of Conduct of the Pest County Chamber of Commerce and Industry: PMKIK Etikai Kódexe.
  4. In case of a legal consumer dispute, the Guest shall be entitled to turn to the arbitration body competent in the residence of the Guest. The registered seats, telephone and internet contact details and mail addresses of arbitration bodies can be found at www.fogyasztovedelem.kormany.hu.
  5. In case of any breach of the consumer rights of the Guest, the Guest may file a complaint to the consumer protection authority competent in the residence of the Guest. The contact details of these are found here: jarasinfo.gov.hu.

XII. Other Provisions

  1. Under Act LXXVI of 1999 on copyright the, website of the Operator www.szarvas.camp, shall be qualified as a collection of works as a unique composition, and thus this website, as well as any content placed on it, shall fall under copyright protection. It is forbidden to use the external appearance of the website as a piece of art created by computer graphics; the software and texts of the website or its policies shall not be used without the written permission of the Operator; and the use of any application capable of modifying the website or any part thereof is also prohibited. Any data from the website or the database thereof may only be taken over following the written consent of the Operator with reference to the website, indicating the source. Holder of rights: Operator.
  2. The text of the present GTC in force shall be available on the website of the Operator.
  3. Questions not regulated in this GTC shall be governed by the Civil Code, Government Decree 45/2014. (II.26.) on agreements between consumers and companies and Act CVIII of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commerce services and information society services and other relevant legal regulations.


  1. The International Jewish Youth Camp in Szarvas creates a community that nurtures and strengthens personal and community development and is based on providing entertaining education in a safe, encouraging and varied environment, by qualified leaders and outstanding and knowledgeable professionals. We offer a variety of opportunities to explore and strengthen identity through showing the many possibilities of cultural, religious, traditional and communal ways of identifying with their Judaism, but we leave it to everyone to choose for themselves their own path.
  2. The Camp continue to make the Judaism it represents accepting and open for all. We help campers to live out their own Jewish identity and we enable and encourage them to find a sense of community. Through group experiences, learning and the possibility of experiencing Judaism, everyone can take his or her next step on their Jewish journey.
  3. Our programs are based on the openness to the Jewish traditions and values that are communicated interactively, through debates and discussions, conversations, the arts, games and, above all, through the principle of free choice.

In the 2020 season, the Camp will move to the online space and we will focus on our most outstanding goals:

Szarvas Camp is the program of AMERICAN JEWISH JOINT DISTRIBUTION COMMITTEE (THE JOINT). The Hungarian office is represented by JDC Hungary Foundation.

4. Responsibilty 

4.1 - Szarvas Camp has reached out to the program managers and endorsed full confidence that the programs and events provided by them will ensure the growth of the community as well as convey the values of the Camp. To offer you the widest variety possible via the unusual platform- many people will stage various programs outside the usual camp settings - where you can enjoy the vibe of community life. However, due to the above said circumstances there are certain things we cannot take responsibility for and we suggest that you help and monitor the choice of programs attended by underage participants.

4.2 - Via the homepage and its links an external access to the person responsible for organizing online programs (“Teacher") has provided these contents for which JDC Hungary Foundation (“Provider") is not liable.

4.3 - All participating at any of the above said programs are held liable for themselves and their possessions. Those partaking (“Attendees“) acknowledge that JDC Hungary Foundation cannot be held responsible under terms of civil law for any wrongdoings or accidents at these events.

4.4 - In case of cancellation or other reasons if collapse of the program when the Teacher is at fault or if the program is implemented with a different content or in case of non-satisfactory performance of Teacher the Provider has no liability or legal responsibility nor towards the Attendees nor towards a 3rd Party.

5. Processing of personal data

5.1 - The Attendees hereby declares that they read the Data Protection Rules and accepts those. The Attendees declares that they have agreed to the processing and control of personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Rules.

5.2 - In protecting and processing data which were provided directly by the Attendees to the Teacher, the Provider has no legal responsibility.

Contact details of the data protection officer 

Name: Data Protection Office Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság

Phone number: +36 1 240 6354

Fax: +36 1 240 6353

E-mail: office@nogradilaw.hu