Jewish youth and identity

We know being Jewish is not a one-size-fits-all, and that is especially true at Szarvas. From cultural to the traditional, the religious to the curious, we make sure every camper feels at home at Szarvas and has something to learn.

The Szarvas curriculum is carefully designed to be accessible, thought-provoking and fun. Religious traditions are only one part of the story; campers are encouraged to think outside of the box - outside the synagogue - and draw inspiration from the full spectrum of Jewish culture and history as they explore what it means to be Jewish for them. 

Each summer, Szarvas has a guiding theme, a lens through which campers explore Judaism. This theme comes to life in a new way each day. The daily topics build up on each other, forming a Jewish story that leads campers naturally towards their own understanding of what Judaism means to them, and how they can apply it in their daily lives.